For episode 25 we have former DH racer turned EWS pro, Remi Gauvin from the Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally team. Remi had an awesome first season as a full time pro racer, finishing 8th overall in the Enduro World Series, with a 5th place in Whistler, and a 2nd place stage finish! We sat down just before Christmas to talk about his background, how he got into enduro, the differences between that and downhill, his winter training schedule, living with the world DH champion and coffee!! There are some really good things in this episode that you can apply to your own riding and training to get faster, and have more fun on your bike, including Remi’s view on the definitive all round tyre… no more puzzling over which tyre, in which of the million available compounds, you need! If you enjoy the episode, then please let us know on social media, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our newsletter for information on upcoming episodes and future projects, thanks!

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Want to get fit and strong in 2018? Then this is the episode for you! Ben Plenge from MTB Strength Factory joined us to answer your questions. We tackled the main themes that came up, which were warm up and cool down, maximising use of your time, tapering, injury recovery, and training for older riders, as well as some other great questions. Have a listen and I’m sure there will be something in there for you, that will help you ride further, faster and harder in 2018! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive all our future episodes, tell your friends, and if you have time, then an iTunes review goes a long way, thanks! Also, in this podcast, there is a discount for Ben’s online programmes that is valid until the end of January 2018. Here are some links to the items mentioned within the podcast.

Click here to find a great introduction to yoga positions that help mountain bikers, by Yoga Abi

Click here for the book ‘Yoga for Cyclists’ by Lexie Williamson

Click here for the book ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ by Kelly Starrett

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Welcome to our first episode of 2018!! I’m excited to be back bringing you more from the world of Mountain Biking! Our first guest of the year is the adventurer Jamie Nicoll. I find Jamie a really inspirational guy, who overcame significant adversity to get back on a bike. However, just getting back on a bike was not enough of a challenge for Jamie, so he pushed himself and managed to claim 8th overall in the Enduro World Series! Take a listen to Jamie’s story, it’s a great way to start the year, and to inspire you to take on and overcome any challenges that are in front of you.

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We’ve got something a bit different for you for this Christmas special episode. One of the inspirations for me to start the Downtime Podcast was listening to what Davi was doing with the HKT Podcast. It was great to hear someone getting under the skin of the mountain bike world, and it made me crave more of that sort of content. I got to meet Davi at the Fort William World Cup earlier in the year, but both of us were busy and didn’t get long to chat. So, we found an afternoon where we could both sit down in a pub in Leeds, and have a good old fashioned chat. We talked about our backgrounds, how our podcasts got started, our highs and lows, hopes for the future, and much more! It’s a long one, so put the kettle on, get comfortable, and settle in for a listen. I hope you enjoy it!

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Bex Baraona and Martha Gill are two of the top Enduro racers on the planet, with Martha taking the 2017 Under 21 Enduro World Series title. Together, they are the Gowaan Gals, bringing fun to the sport, pushing their own limits, and encouraging other gals to join in too! We spent a fun winters afternoon together, riding in the Peak District, and then sitting down in the kitchen for a cup of tea and a chat. Our conversation covers their 2017 season, the Gowaan Gals (and most importantly, how to say it!), their hopes and aspirations for 2018 and much much more.

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Gowaan Gals Instagram @gowaan_gals

Bex’s Instagram @bex_baraona

Martha’s Instagram @marthagmarthag

Or listen to the previous episode with Bex here

Concussion is something that as a mountain biker, we are fairly likely to experience at some point. There are potential detrimental effects of repeated concussive events, and yet this is not really something which has been talked about much in the mountain bike community. We have a duty of care, not only to ourselves, but to our riding buddies, to ensure that we minimise the risk of concussive impacts sustained from crashing our bikes. To help you know what to look for, and how to deal with potential concussions, we put together this special podcast episode with Adrian Stokes from Pure Body Balance. Adrian is a rider himself, and has been supporting Katy through her recovery, getting her back and ready to ride and race. Please take the time to listen to this episode, and hopefully you find the information within it useful.

For a summary of everything you need to know, Adrian has kindly put together this pdf

To learn more about Pure Body Balance, you can find their website here

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If you have access to BBC iPlayer and would like to watch the recent documentary on the link between heading footballs and dementia, please click here

We’re back, and this time we have Jack Reading from One Vision Global Racing joining us. Jack lives near to me, so I was able to pay him a visit, sit on the couch with him and his dog, and have a good chat about riding bikes! Jack is in a unique position where he is a top 20 capable World Cup downhill racer, yet still has a day job and runs the team that he rides for. As a result, Jack provides some insight that few others can. We talk about their Nicolai Geometron bikes, eBikes, training, running a team, getting faster, and lots more.

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To find out more about Jack, here are his social media links…

Instagram @jackreading_v1sion

Facebook @jackreadingdhr

The team here…

Instagram @v1sion_global_racing

Facebook @onevisionglobalracing

Website jackreading.com

And the bikes…

Website geometronbikes.co.uk

During the episode, Jack mentioned Mick Hannah, to listen to our episode with him, head here

Photo – One Vision

2017 Downhill World Champion Miranda Miller joins us for a chat in episode 21. I got in touch with Miranda before the 2017 season started to ask if she would be willing to come on the podcast to talk about being a privateer on the World Cup circuit, and moving into the professional ranks for 2017. Miranda was keen to get involved, but thought it would be best to do something at the end of season, as she would have more to talk about… and how right she was! Miranda ended what, in her words, was one of her toughest seasons to date as World Champion! We talk about how she got involved in mountain biking, the challenges of being a privateer, dealing with injury, and of course, being World Champion!

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Instagram @teamspecializedgravity

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Mick Hannah joins us for episode 20, fresh off an amazing but frustrating second place at the Downhill World Championships in his home town of Cairns, Australia. We chat to Mick about his background in riding, his career so far, the build up to the World Champs, and what’s next for him. Mick was a really interesting guy to chat to, really thoughtful and reflective, with many years of experience at the top of his game. I really hope you enjoy listening to the episode, and find something helpful to take away.

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Instagram @sickmick83

Facebook @SikMikHannah

Or you can see the videos from the team on Facebook here @URteam1

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The man behind the Trans-Provence 6 day stage race in the French Alps, Ash Smith, joins us for a chat in episode 19. Ash is at the forefront of putting together unique and exciting mountain bike itineraries, and the Trans-Provence is the best known example of his amazing work. A guy who clearly enjoys the adventure that riding brings, and is at one with his inner desire to explore exciting places, on bikes, at speed! We chat about Ash’s background, how the Trans-Provence came about, what it takes to put on such a huge and logistically challenging event, and much more. Ash would like to thank the title sponsors of the event, Mavic and Santa Cruz, without whom the event wouldn’t be possible. For further information on the event, on Ash himself, or on his new project ‘Itinerology’, check out the following links.

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Ash on Instagram – @ashingtonio

Trans-Provence Instagram – @transprovence

Trans-Provence website – here

Itinerology on Instagram – @itinerology

Our previous 2 Trans-Provence specials, with racer Jonathan Matthews can be found here and here

Photo – Ian Robertson