2017 Downhill World Champion Miranda Miller joins us for a chat in episode 21. I got in touch with Miranda before the 2017 season started to ask if she would be willing to come on the podcast to talk about being a privateer on the World Cup circuit, and moving into the professional ranks for 2017. Miranda was keen to get involved, but thought it would be best to do something at the end of season, as she would have more to talk about… and how right she was! Miranda ended what, in her words, was one of her toughest seasons to date as World Champion! We talk about how she got involved in mountain biking, the challenges of being a privateer, dealing with injury, and of course, being World Champion!

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Instagram @mirandamillermtb

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Instagram @teamspecializedgravity

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Mick Hannah joins us for episode 20, fresh off an amazing but frustrating second place at the Downhill World Championships in his home town of Cairns, Australia. We chat to Mick about his background in riding, his career so far, the build up to the World Champs, and what’s next for him. Mick was a really interesting guy to chat to, really thoughtful and reflective, with many years of experience at the top of his game. I really hope you enjoy listening to the episode, and find something helpful to take away.

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Instagram @sickmick83

Facebook @SikMikHannah

Or you can see the videos from the team on Facebook here @URteam1

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The man behind the Trans-Provence 6 day stage race in the French Alps, Ash Smith, joins us for a chat in episode 19. Ash is at the forefront of putting together unique and exciting mountain bike itineraries, and the Trans-Provence is the best known example of his amazing work. A guy who clearly enjoys the adventure that riding brings, and is at one with his inner desire to explore exciting places, on bikes, at speed! We chat about Ash’s background, how the Trans-Provence came about, what it takes to put on such a huge and logistically challenging event, and much more. Ash would like to thank the title sponsors of the event, Mavic and Santa Cruz, without whom the event wouldn’t be possible. For further information on the event, on Ash himself, or on his new project ‘Itinerology’, check out the following links.

Ash on Instagram – @ashingtonio

Trans-Provence Instagram – @transprovence

Trans-Provence website – here

Itinerology on Instagram – @itinerology

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Ines Thoma from Canyon Factory Racing joins us for a chat in Episode 18. Ines is nearing the end of another successful season of racing at the Enduro World Series, and other major enduro events. Before she heads to the final round in Finale Ligure, we talk about how she got into mountain biking, what it takes to be a good enduro racer, Trans-Provence, recovery, nutrition, yoga, and much more. If you enjoy listening to the episode, then please give us a review over on iTunes as it really helps people find the podcast. If you’d like to find out more about Ines then you can follow her on social media here:

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Phil Atwill from the Propain Dirt Zelvy team joins us for a chat in episode 17. Phil has had a season full of ups and downs, from his best result to date, to a season ending injury. He talks us through it all, as well as telling us about how he got into riding, how he sets up his bike, his thoughts on 29ers, and a whole lot more. We really hope you enjoy listening, if you do, please take the time to give us a review on iTunes, as it really helps us get this podcast to as many people as possible!

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Or find out about where he learned to ride here:

Aston Hill Bike Park link

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When I interviewed Tracy Moseley earlier in the year, and asked her who else I should speak to, she didn’t hesitate in putting me in touch with Katy Curd, who she firmly believes is one of the most talented riders from the UK. I really enjoyed chatting with Katy, and learning more about her background and journey to where she is now. With an already impressive career spanning downhill and 4x, where she took the world champion’s jersey before she decided to leave 4x to focus full time on downhill. We discuss the reasons for that decision, the differences in the training, and a cool tip for improving grip strength/reducing arm pump. In addition to this, Katy has spent the majority of this season working on recovery from a significant concussion. I strongly believe that there isn’t enough awareness in the sport on the impact and risks associated with concussion, so hopefully this podcast episode can go some way towards giving more people a window into how serious this can be. I really appreciate how open and honest Katy was on this challenging but incredibly important subject. I hope you enjoy listening, and take something away from this episode. Mountain biking is awesome, but can be dangerous, so look after yourselves and listen to your bodies!!

Here are the links to things we cover in the episode:

Pure Body Balance coaching here

Redhill Extreme bike park here

Katy Curd’s coaching here

Sprung suspension here

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Instagram @katycurd

Facebook @KatyCurd

Twitter @katycurd

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George Brannigan of the Commencal Vallnord DH team joins us for a chat in episode 15. Unfortunately George’s race season is over due to a collarbone injury picked up when riding as a forerunner at the French National champs, but from talking to him, it’s clear that he is fired up to get fixed and back at it faster and stronger than ever next season! We chat about what scares him and how he deals with it, what it’s like to race Red Bull Hardline, coming back from injury, 29ers, and much more. If you enjoy listening to the podcast, then we’d love it if you could give us a review on iTunes, thanks!

If you want to find out more about George or the Commencal Vallnord DH team, you can head to these links:

Instagram @georgebrannigan and @commencal_vallnord_dh_team

Facebook @GeorgeBranniganDH and @ridingaddiction

Twitter @G_Brannigan

If you want to find out more about Red Bull Hardline, then head here

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Kenta Gallagher of Polygon United Ride joins us for a chat in episode 14. Kenta has a really interesting background, having been a professional cross country racer from a young age, competing on the world stage, and winning the World Cup XC Eliminator at Nove Mesto in 2013. Kenta subsequently decided that his heart was with downhill, and quit the full factory world of cross country to become a downhill privateer. This season he has moved back to the world of factory support with the Polygon United Ride team. We talk about this journey, some of the ups and downs along the way, and what it takes to get into the top end of downhill World Cup racing.

To find out more about Kenta and his team, follow the links below,

Instagram @kentagallagher

Facebook @KentaGallagherLtd

Twitter @KentaGallagher

Polygon Bikes

Polygon United Ride Team

To find out more about Kenta’s suggestion of a suspension set up day, check out J-Tech suspension, based in the UK.

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2014 World Cup series and World Champion Manon Carpenter joins us for a chat in episode 13. We talk about her winter of recovery, and what it takes to come back from injury, her approach to riding with control, her move to the Radon team in 2017, her use of sports psychology and much more. With the ever increasing competition in the women’s field, it was really interesting to hear how Manon is working her way back towards the top step on the podium.

If you want to find out more about Manon, then you can find here at the following links,

Instagram @manoncarpenter

Facebook @ManonCarpenter

Twitter @ManonCarpenter

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Ever wondered what it would be like to race the Trans-Provence? How hard is it? How do I get entered? What sort of training do I need to do? What should I expect when I get there? Is it as good as everyone says? Well wonder no longer, we sat down with friend of the podcast, Jonathan Matthews who raced the Trans-Provence as a privateer this year. The episode is split into two parts. The first part covers the entry to the race, and Jonathan’s preparation, the second covers the race itself. Jonathan is not someone to do things by halves, so he really got stuck into this, and did a lot of research and experimentation in order to optimise himself and his performance for the race. I certainly learned a lot, I hope you do to!

There is a lot of information in this episode, so here are the links to the main things that Jonathan mentioned:

Trans-Provence link

Compede Blister Plasters link

High5 Electrolyte Tabs link

Tim Ferris Podcast link

Gymnastic Bodies training programme link

Wim Hof and his breathing techniques link

Our episode with Jonathan’s trainer, Ben Plenge link

Also, you can follow Jonathan on instagram @its_not_ideal

Photo: Sam Needham