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Eddie Masters – Going with the Flow

This week, we talk to another one of the sports biggest characters, Eddie Masters. We chat about his approach to life, his racing career so far, what it’s like being a team manager, what helped... Read More
  • Podcast

Yoann Barelli – Have fun, be happy!

This week, we talk to one of the sports biggest characters, Yoann Barelli. We sat down and chatted about Yoann’s career so far, his thoughts on happiness, risk taking, doping in EWS, being a Dad,... Read More
  • Podcast

Starling Cycles – Keeping it Steel

This week, I’m joined by Joe McEwan, the main man behind Starling Cycles. Starling made quite an entrance when Steve Jones from Dirt picked up on their 29er Murmur and started raving about how good... Read More
  • Podcast

Data Acquisition – Past, Present and Future

This week, we talk Data Acquisition with two of the top engineers in the industry, Jason Chamberlain from Specialized and Torkel Sintorn from Ohlins. We discuss how data has been used to help design better... Read More
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Return to Form – Andréane Lanthier Nadeau

This week, Andréane Lanthier Nadeau (also known as ALN) joins us on the show. Andréane made a spectacular return to the EWS podium this season after missing the first few rounds due to injury. We... Read More
  • Podcast

Reece Wilson – Breaking Through

This week, Reece Wilson joins us on the show. Reece was one of the breakthrough riders in 2018, with some amazing results, including his first World Cup podium. We chat to Reece about how he... Read More
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