Maximise Your Offseason Part 2 – Jonny Thompson from Fit4Racing

January 10, 2019

This week, Jonny Thompson from Fit4Racing is back. His previous episode on how to maximise your offseason was our second most popular episode in 2018 (listen here), and this time he’s back with a DH and an Enduro specific workout to help you move towards the start of the race season and bring some more speed, power and endurance into your training. This time we’ve got scaling options for most of the exercises so you can tailor the workouts to the right level for you. Jonny has also made a video of the movements we discuss in the episode, so you can make sure you’re doing things right, and there are pdfs that you can download, print out, and take to the gym with you. You can watch the video on the Fit4Racing YouTube channel, or towards the bottom of this post, where you’ll also find the downloadable pdfs.

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There are some great free resources there to help support your training! Also, as a Downtime listener you can get 50% off your first month of any Fit4Racing training programme. Just head to their website¬†, select your programme and use the code ‘downtime50’ at the checkout.

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Here are the pdfs for these 2 workouts…

Check out the video that goes with this episode here….

Photo – Peter Ostrowski

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