Episode 25 – Remi Gauvin

January 16, 2018

For episode 25 we have former DH racer turned EWS pro, Remi Gauvin from the Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally team. Remi had an awesome first season as a full time pro racer, finishing 8th overall in the Enduro World Series, with a 5th place in Whistler, and a 2nd place stage finish! We sat down just before Christmas to talk about his background, how he got into enduro, the differences between that and downhill, his winter training schedule, living with the world DH champion and coffee!! There are some really good things in this episode that you can apply to your own riding and training to get faster, and have more fun on your bike, including Remi’s view on the definitive all round tyre… no more puzzling over which tyre, in which of the million available compounds, you need! If you enjoy the episode, then please let us know on social media, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our newsletter for information on upcoming episodes and future projects, thanks!

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