Live and Breathe It – Sandy Plenty

June 26, 2018

Sandy Plenty lives and breathes mountain bikes. Diagnosed with a health condition affecting his heart and lungs at an early age, you may have thought that a career in mountain biking wasn’t in his future, but Sandy’s not the kind of guy to take no for an answer. Working in bike shops from a young age, Sandy now owns the Trailhead Bicycle Company in Shrewsbury, UK. It’s certainly one of Britains best bike shops, well stocked with great kit, and with a loyal following that shows in shop rides attracting a crazy numbers of riders. As well as running the shop, Sandy has an interest in photography, writes for numerous print and web publications, and does some mountain bike coaching with Plus3 MTB. Somehow he also finds plenty of time to ride his bike! Sandy is an inspiring guy, and shows that it’s possible to have an amazing career in the bike industry without being a racer. A healthy dose of passion and a lot of hard work is what it takes!

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Photo – Sarah Barrett

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