Episode 27 – The Mental Side of Mountain Biking – Olly Morris

February 13, 2018

A lot of you have asked for more information on the mental side of mountain biking, and this weeks guest is well positioned to give some great insight into that side of things. Olly Morris is a man who wears may hats, as an Elite Downhill racer, the manager of the Intense Racing UK team, skills coach for Pro Ride MTB, and corporate trainer. As a result of this, he brings a unique and interesting perspective on the sport. In this episode, we cover his experience of working on the mental aspect of mountain biking to not only improve his race results, but to enjoy racing much more than ever before, some behind the scenes insight from his time working with British Cycling at the DH worlds in Cairns 2017, common mistakes he sees in his role as a skills coach, and much more. There is some really interesting stuff in here, and it certainly gave me some things to take away and try.

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Here are the links that we mention in the episode,

The Chimp Paradox is available on Amazon here

The Intense Racing UK team have a page here

If you’re interested in coaching with Pro Ride MTB, head here

You can find Olly on Instagram @ollym1

To catch up on our previous episodes head to www.downtimepodcast.com/episodes/

Photo – Steve Behr

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