Episode 22 – Jack Reading

November 28, 2017

We’re back, and this time we have Jack Reading from One Vision Global Racing joining us. Jack lives near to me, so I was able to pay him a visit, sit on the couch with him and his dog, and have a good chat about riding bikes! Jack is in a unique position where he is a top 20 capable World Cup downhill racer, yet still has a day job and runs the team that he rides for. As a result, Jack provides some insight that few others can. We talk about their Nicolai Geometron bikes, eBikes, training, running a team, getting faster, and lots more.

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To find out more about Jack, here are his social media links…

Instagram @jackreading_v1sion

Facebook @jackreadingdhr

The team here…

Instagram @v1sion_global_racing

Facebook @onevisionglobalracing

Website jackreading.com

And the bikes…

Website geometronbikes.co.uk

During the episode, Jack mentioned Mick Hannah, to listen to our episode with him, head here

Photo – One Vision

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