Episode 17 – Phil Atwill

September 5, 2017

Phil Atwill from the Propain Dirt Zelvy team joins us for a chat in episode 17. Phil has had a season full of ups and downs, from his best result to date, to a season ending injury. He talks us through it all, as well as telling us about how he got into riding, how he sets up his bike, his thoughts on 29ers, and a whole lot more. We really hope you enjoy listening, if you do, please take the time to give us a review on iTunes, as it really helps us get this podcast to as many people as possible!

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To find out more about Phil, you can find him on social media here:

Instagram @phil_atwill

Facebook @Philatwill95

Or find out about where he learned to ride here:

Aston Hill Bike Park link

Photo @cult_media


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