Episode 16 – Katy Curd

August 22, 2017

When I interviewed Tracy Moseley earlier in the year, and asked her who else I should speak to, she didn’t hesitate in putting me in touch with Katy Curd, who she firmly believes is one of the most talented riders from the UK. I really enjoyed chatting with Katy, and learning more about her background and journey to where she is now. With an already impressive career spanning downhill and 4x, where she took the world champion’s jersey before she decided to leave 4x to focus full time on downhill. We discuss the reasons for that decision, the differences in the training, and a cool tip for improving grip strength/reducing arm pump. In addition to this, Katy has spent the majority of this season working on recovery from a significant concussion. I strongly believe that there isn’t enough awareness in the sport on the impact and risks associated with concussion, so hopefully this podcast episode can go some way towards giving more people a window into how serious this can be. I really appreciate how open and honest Katy was on this challenging but incredibly important subject. I hope you enjoy listening, and take something away from this episode. Mountain biking is awesome, but can be dangerous, so look after yourselves and listen to your bodies!!

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Here are the links to things we cover in the episode:

Pure Body Balance coaching here

Redhill Extreme bike park here

Katy Curd’s coaching here

Sprung suspension here

You can find Katy on social media here:

Instagram @katycurd

Facebook @KatyCurd

Twitter @katycurd

You can also find our episode with Tracy Moseley here

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