Episode 14 – Kenta Gallagher

July 25, 2017

Kenta Gallagher of Polygon United Ride joins us for a chat in episode 14. Kenta has a really interesting background, having been a professional cross country racer from a young age, competing on the world stage, and winning the World Cup XC Eliminator at Nove Mesto in 2013. Kenta subsequently decided that his heart was with downhill, and quit the full factory world of cross country to become a downhill privateer. This season he has moved back to the world of factory support with the Polygon United Ride team. We talk about this journey, some of the ups and downs along the way, and what it takes to get into the top end of downhill World Cup racing.

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To find out more about Kenta and his team, follow the links below,

Instagram @kentagallagher

Facebook @KentaGallagherLtd

Twitter @KentaGallagher

Polygon Bikes

Polygon United Ride Team

To find out more about Kenta’s suggestion of a suspension set up day, check out J-Tech suspension, based in the UK.

Photo – @davetrumporephoto

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