Jason Schiers and Mello Bouwmeester – The Crankbrothers Synthesis Wheelset

October 9, 2018

Jason Schiers and Mello Bouwmeester are heavyweights of the mountain bike industry, and in their first collaborative effort have released the Crankbrothers Synthesis wheelset, the first front and rear tuned carbon wheelset.

You’ll probably have seen the product and the reviews on the mountain bike websites over the past week or so, but here we go deeper inside SR56, the research and development arm of the Selle Royal group that Crankbrothers belongs to. Join me in getting to know the characters involved, how they met, and what it really takes to develop a product like this.

To find out more about the Synthesis wheelset, head to www.crankbrothers.com/pages/synthesis

Crankbrothers have kindly offered all Downtime listeners a free Highline double wheel bag worth $90 with any Synthesis wheelset purchase, all you need to do is to enter ‘downtime’ at the checkout!

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For an overview of the wheels, this web article from NSMB is a great summary – nsmb.com/articles/crankbrothers-synthesis-wheels-reboot/

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Photos – Crankbrothers/Manfred Stromberg

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