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  1. Keep up the good work. I listen to your podcast wrenching on bike!
    Love the interview with John Hall.

  2. Craig Dec 3, 2017

    Hi Chris
    Read your recent Facebook post and commented (Craig Richard ) about being depressed at work and finally moving on to better things. .(hopefully) just a message of support, being as it was close to my hart . Hope the future is bright for you dude. Checked your episodes out and was always drawn to the non pro rider stuff. Keep up the good work dude and maybe I paths will cross one day
    Craig YT IND. HQ mechanic

    • chris Dec 3, 2017

      Thanks Craig, I really appreciate it. More non-pro stuff to come in the future! Sounds like you’ve got a pretty awesome job there too man!

  3. Rob Chambers Jan 5, 2018

    Just catching up on some of the stuff from the past few weeks, just a quick note to say how much I liked the episode with Davi from HKT, purely because of the more “chatty” nature of it. I know you can’t always, but I definitely like the more relaxed nature of the “pub podcast”. My favourite podcast is “looking sideways”, and you sound more like that style with this one… Less question and answer and more conversation.

    Anyway, keep it up bud

    • chris Jan 5, 2018

      Thanks Rob, I really appreciate it. I’d like to do some more of that style of content, but sometimes it’s tough given time constraints and locations. I’ve listened to some the Looking Sideways episodes and really like them!