Christmas Special – Davi from the HKT Podcast

December 19, 2017

We’ve got something a bit different for you for this Christmas special episode. One of the inspirations for me to start the Downtime Podcast was listening to what Davi was doing with the HKT Podcast. It was great to hear someone getting under the skin of the mountain bike world, and it made me crave more of that sort of content. I got to meet Davi at the Fort William World Cup earlier in the year, but both of us were busy and didn’t get long to chat. So, we found an afternoon where we could both sit down in a pub in Leeds, and have a good old fashioned chat. We talked about our backgrounds, how our podcasts got started, our highs and lows, hopes for the future, and much more! It’s a long one, so put the kettle on, get comfortable, and settle in for a listen. I hope you enjoy it!

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