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Tom Caldwell – Follow Your Passion

Tom Caldwell of Caldwell Visuals joins me for a chat this week. If you’ve seen any of the ‘Slice of British Pie’ series, then you’re familiar with Tom’s work. We chat about how Tom got... Read More
  • Podcast

Ruaridh Cunningham – Never Give Up

This week, we sit down for a chat with Ruaridh Cunningham. We chat about his background in World Cup DH racing, his recovery from some pretty serious injuries, the transition into Enduro World Series racing,... Read More
  • Podcast

Ben Arnott – Engineering Success

This week, we sit down for a chat with Ben Arnott, the mechanic for the YT Mob and engineer at Chromag Bikes in Whistler. We chat with Ben about how he made it onto the... Read More
  • Podcast

Angel Suarez – Young Talent

This week, we talk to YT Mob rider, Angel Suarez. We chat about Angel’s background in motocross, how he’s dealt with his past injuries, the successes of his 2018 season, plans for 2019, and much... Read More
  • Podcast

Tony Seagrave – Doing It for the Love

This week, we talk to Tony Seagrave, father to Tahnée and Kaos, head of FMD Racing, and half of MarshGuard. We discuss Tony’s background growing up riding BMX in London, his decision to move the... Read More
  • Podcast

Eddie Masters – Going with the Flow

This week, we talk to another one of the sports biggest characters, Eddie Masters. We chat about his approach to life, his racing career so far, what it’s like being a team manager, what helped... Read More
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